Choosing the Perfect Floor Standing Lamp for Your Bedroom

Choosing the Perfect Floor Standing Lamp for Your Bedroom

Positioned in a bedroom corner or next to a comfy reading chair, a standing lamp provides a pool of light ideal for bedtime reading or nighttime activities before sleep. The long reach of a floor lamp means light can be directed exactly where needed.


There are many options for standing floor lamps that make it easy to find the right bedside lighting. They provide the cosiness of a table lamp without sacrificing surface space on crowded nightstands.

Discover how to find the perfect standing lamp that will bathe your bedroom in an inviting radiance.

5 Tips for Selecting the Ideal Floor Standing Lamp

  • Assess the Lamp’s Height

Tall lamps with lengthy stems enhance large spaces with high ceilings. Their height draws the eyes up, complementing the room’s vertical proportions. For bedrooms with lower ceilings, choose shorter lamps that don’t overwhelm. Their more modest stature suits and flatter spaces styled for rest and relaxation. Thoughtfully chosen, a standing lamp’s height can accentuate your bedroom’s best features.

  • Opt for Adjustable Features

Rather than being stuck with a fixed beam of light, lamps that let you change the height, angle, and brightness put you in control. With those customisation options, you can adapt the lamp to whatever you’re doing at the moment. For example, you could raise it higher and make the light brighter while reading. Or lower and dim it during an evening relaxation session. The ability to tweak a standing lamp to your needs gives you freedom and flexibility without installing complex ceiling fixtures.

  • Consider Space-Saving Designs

Finding the right floor lamp for a bedroom is a balancing act. The goal is to brighten up the space without overwhelming it. When square footage is tight, a little creativity goes a long way.

Look for lamps with a minimal footprint, clean lines, and a lightweight appearance. The last thing anyone wants is a clunky eyesore competing for attention. The ideal is a slender, streamlined lamp that quietly does its job without dominating the landscape. With the right design, it’s possible to illuminate a bedroom beautifully without cluttering up the scenery.

  • The Material Matters

Pay attention to the material it’s made of. Wood, metal, or fabric lampshades all set a different mood. A wooden lamp can make a room feel homey and natural. Metal gives a modern, sleek look. Fabric lampshades are soft and welcoming. Look at the textures you already have in the room through bedding, rugs, and furniture, and consider a lamp material that adds visual interest and completes the ambiance of your personal sanctuary.

  • Harmonise with Existing Lighting

Make sure it plays nicely with any existing light sources you already have in place. Rather than clashing with that cute little reading lamp on your nightstand or the soft glow from the hallway, go for a standing lamp that feels like part of the family. Choose a design with just the right wattage to make the whole room feel pulled together. The new lamp should feel like it belongs there from the start, filling in any dark corners without overpowering lamps and lights that are already brightening your space.

Where To Position A Floor Standing Lamp

Reading Nook Illumination

Carve out a quiet corner of the bedroom for some quality me-time. Set up a chair or chaise, then position a standing lamp next to it. Angle the lamp toward the chair so you can read in peace. The lamp casts a warm glow, creating an ambiance to unwind before bed. Its soft light lets you get lost in a book without straining your eyes. And it looks great too the stylish lamp classes up your reading nook.

Accentuating a Statement Piece

When your bedroom has an eye-catching piece like a gorgeous dresser or large-scale artwork, make it the star of the space. Position a standing lamp next to it to shine a spotlight, quite literally, on its beauty. 

The lamp provides the perfect dose of illumination to highlight the item’s intricate details and textures. This draws the eye to the show stopping design element, turning it into a focal point that anchors the room. 

Remember to choose a lamp that matches the piece’s style so they work in harmony.

Corner Ambiance Enhancement

Tuck a slender floor lamp into an overlooked corner of the bedroom to create an inviting atmosphere. The lamp’s glow will make that previously empty space feel cosy and lived-in. 

You might even want to choose one with adjustable settings to set the mood. Pair it with a lovely houseplant or decorative object to complete the look. This little corner vignette turns boring blank space into a cosy retreat.

Layered Lighting Scheme

Give your bedroom a well-rounded lighting plan by adding a standing lamp. A strategically placed floor lamp supplements other light sources to make the space fully functional and visually appealing. 

Combine the standing lamp with task lighting like bedside and wall-mounted reading lights. These lights cater to specific activities in the bedroom, like reading a book before bed. Position the floor lamp to fill in any remaining dark spots. With all these light sources working together, you can create a mood for relaxing, getting dressed, or anything else you want to do in your bedroom.

Final Word

Give your bedroom an instant lighting makeover with the unique perks of a standing floor lamp. Direct the glow where you want it, avoid harsh overhead glare, and add personalised style. Standing tall, these lamps shed light on your ideal bedroom oasis.

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