Different Types of Emergency Lights: The Best One for Your Home

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Different Types of Emergency Lights: The Best One for Your Home

The emergency lights flickered on in the darkness of the room. No one was sure what was happening, but everyone knew they had to get out of the building as soon as possible. The bright white light illuminated the path ahead, guiding them towards the exit.

As they walked down the hall, the emergency lights cast a strange glow on the walls. It was a stark reminder of the danger they were in. Despite the fear, everyone was determined to keep going, to make it out of the building alive.

Suddenly, the sound of sirens filled the air. Everyone froze, unsure of what to do. But then the emergency lights lit up again, signaling that it was time to move. Everyone started running towards the exit, not looking back.

As they ran, the emergency lights seemed to be leading them out of the building, providing a beacon of hope in the darkness. Everyone was able to make it out of the building safely, thanks to the emergency lights.

The emergency lights had done their job and provided a source of safety in a time of danger. They will always remain a reminder of the importance of safety and preparedness.

The above mentioned story states how essential emergency lights can be in the hour of need.

Thus, we have prepared a list of types of emergency lights that can be best suitable as per your need. So, without any further ado let’s get started.

Weatherproof emergency lights

As the name suggests, weather proof emergency lights are specifically meant for harsh outdoor conditions. There are several options that can even operate in freezing temperatures and can handle temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also consider going ahead with LED emergency lights.

Explosion proof LED 

These types of emergency lights are made for handling hazardous applications. It mainly includes usage where the lights can get damaged. The purpose of these lights is to ensure the safety of people in grim situations like a catastrophe.

Thermoplastic LED emergency lights

Such LED emergency lights are very affordable. For those who need a good option for indoors that also fits the bill must go ahead with thermoplastic emergency lights for their homes, offices, etc.

Steel emergency lights

These types of emergency lights come in a multitude of wattage and capacities. These types of emergency lights are mainly popular for industrial and institutional purposes. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable option then you can go ahead with steel emergency lights.

Emergency lights that can be used in wet locations

As these emergency lights are powerful these can be used even in the presence of moisture and water. The wet location emergency lights are majorly used in locations which feature freezing temperatures and can be outfitted with internal heaters as well.

Architectural emergency lights

These kinds of emergency lights are crafted with the objective of illuminating the surroundings in style. The architectural emergency lights easily and comfortably blend with upscale interiors. Depending upon your choice, you can also get an emergency light with a colour of your choice.

Hazardous Location

These types of emergency lights are majorly designed to be used in highly reactive and extreme environments. Depending upon the toxicity of the environment, these types of emergency lights are divided into Class 1 and Class 2 divisions.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, emergency lights are a critical and necessary piece of safety equipment. Different types of emergency lights can serve different purposes, and it is important to consider the purpose and usage when selecting the right lighting system for your needs. Emergency lighting can help to ensure that people are able to safely escape a hazardous situation, and the right lighting can make a real difference in the outcome of an emergency situation. Depending upon your need and budget you can choose any of the aforementioned emergency lights.

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