Styling Tips: How to Creatively Arrange Lights Around Your Mirror

Creatively Arrange Lights Around Your Mirror

Styling Tips: How to Creatively Arrange Lights Around Your Mirror

Needless to say that lighting is one of the most powerful yet underrated elements of interior design. Specifically, we’re going to explore how we can get creative with lights around your mirror. Whether it’s your makeup mirror, bathroom mirror, or just a decorative one in your living room, innovative lighting can work wonders. So, sit back and prepare to light up your world!

Know Your Lights before Placing Lights Around Your Mirror

First things first, understanding your lights. From cool, bright LEDs to warm, dim Edison bulbs, the lighting you choose can drastically change the mood of your space.

LEDs are versatile, energy-efficient, and are available in various color temperatures. They are perfect for makeup mirrors, as they provide the bright and neutral light needed to get your color palettes right.

Edison Bulbs emanate a warm, vintage vibe. These are great for decorative mirrors, adding an element of cozy, old-world charm.

Fairy Lights offer a soft, whimsical glow. Perfect for bedroom mirrors, they provide just enough light to see without overwhelming the space.

Lights Around Your Mirror: Lighting Arrangement Tips

Once you’ve chosen the right kind of lights, the next step is to arrange these lights around your mirror creatively. Here are a few ways to do that:

1. The Classic Marquee: This arrangement of placing lights around your mirror involves placing bulbs evenly around the edge of the mirror. This classic, Hollywood-style setup not only provides ample lighting but also adds a glamorous touch to your space.

2. The Clustered Cascade: For this, hang fairy lights from the top of your mirror, letting them fall loosely. This creates a beautiful cascade effect, perfect for a dreamy, bohemian ambiance.

3. The Asymmetrical Approach: Who said lights have to be evenly spread? Try an asymmetrical design by grouping your lights in one corner or side of the mirror. This can be a fun, modern look that sparks interest.

4. The Backlit Glow: Attach LED strips behind your mirror for a halo effect. It provides an ethereal glow, perfect for a contemporary or minimalist decor.


Ultimately, creativity is key when arranging lights around your mirror. Remember to think about functionality and aesthetics in equal measure. Choose the right lights for your needs, and don’t be afraid to experiment with arrangements. Good luck lighting up your space!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of lights should I use for a bathroom mirror?

LED lights are the best to decorate bathroom mirror with lights to their brightness and energy efficiency. They also don’t emit much heat, which is important in a humid bathroom environment.

2. How do I attach lights to my mirror?

Most decorative lights can be attached with strong adhesive strips or hooks. For heavier lights, you may need to drill into the wall and use a secure fitting.

3. Can I mix different types of lights around my mirror?

Absolutely! Mixing different types of lights can add depth and interest. For example, you could mix warm Edison bulbs with cool LEDs for a contrast, or use a combination of fairy lights and LED strips for a unique look. Just ensure they complement each other well.

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