Due to our country’s electricity crisis we have to take steps to protect our homes and businesses from disruption when the power goes out. Plumstead & Okavango Electrical and lighting now stock the Backup Buddy systems. The options range from the single battery unit with DC output only, to 3kW AC distribution board connected output.

All Backup Buddies can be charged either by AC power, or as an add-on, by solar panel input. By charging your system with solar, you will start to recover the cost of the purchase and ultimately be generating completely free energy.


• The inverters are single phase pure sine wave inverters LED or LCD digital display showing battery voltage, AC voltage and load output information in real time.
• The Peak Power is 300% of rated power
• Pure Sine Wave output, especially good for sensitive loads
• Battery charging with a 4 step charger from 20A to 90A (depending on the model)
• 7 Battery chemistry types to choose from
High power factor of 0.9
• Automatic transfer between battery and lien modes.
• Protection against overload, over temperature, over charging, low battery.


The Back Up Buddy batteries are lead acid 12VDC Gel deep cycle batteries with a generous life span of 1500 cycles on a depth of discharge of 50%. We use either a 100Ah or 200Ah battery, with a C10 rating.


Designed and made in South Africa, the case is what defines The Back Up Buddy. Built from steel and powder coated to a range of attractive colours, the cases are what makes the system neat, safe and good looking. The case has a built-in AC output, DC disconnect switch, battery fuse and in some models, AC circuit breakers. The unit has been designed to be installed in minutes. Once installed, an electrician can connect the system straight to the DB board. Our smaller units can either be mobile or wall mounted.

We stock the following models:
500w 12v
1000w 12v
1000w 24v
2000w 24v
3000w 24v

Please contact one of our consultant for more information:

Plumstead Electrical: 021 715 3151

Okavango Electrical: 021 982 8124

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