Pop-up power sockets provide easy access to electricity plugs, particularly on kitchen counters and islands as well as office desks, without unsightly cords and cables snaking their way along your surface.

Plumstead, Okavango & Atlantic Electrical and Lighting showrooms stock the latest Synerji pop up power sockets with your choice of either a charcoal colour plastic or silver metal die-cast cover. Both models come with 2 x 16amp plug points, 2 x Euro plug points, and 2 x USB points. The USB output is 5V 2100mA, meaning that most tablets and smartphones can be charged simultaneously. One model also comes with a Schuko plug point for international plugs.

Because they fit neatly inside your kitchen unit or desk they’re great for keeping your worktops cable-free, giving you plenty of work or food preparation space and keeping your office or kitchen neat and tidy. Best of all, the units are IP54 waterproof and have dust protection.

To access your pop-up socket, simply lift the handle and gently pull the socket up to a useable height.  When you’re finished using the socket, simply press it back into the unit recess.

One of the main advantages of installing pop-up sockets in your kitchen is that you can use your wall-mounted plugs for your everyday items, such as your kettle and toaster, and use your pop-up sockets for appliances which are used less regularly, like your food processor, baking appliances or juicer.

Similarly, in an office, a pop-up socket is good for when you want to plug in any temporary gadgets or computer accessories, without the inconvenience of stretching cables to wall-mounted plug sockets.

For more info on the models available, please contact your nearest showroom:
Plumstead Electrical: 021 715 3151
Okavango Electrical: 021 984 8124
Atlantic Electrical: 021 204 8520

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