Ceiling Light Fittings

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    Metal Ceiling Fitting Antique Brass & Matt Black – 9 x ES lampholders

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    Metal, Acrylic and PVC Ceiling Fitting w/70w LED

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    Metal, Acrylic and PVC Ceiling Fitting w/75w LED

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    Polished Chrome Ceiling Fitting with White Glass W/3X ES lampholders

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    Pendant and Ceiling Light Polished Chrome and Crystal Fitting w/2xSES lampholders

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    Pendant and Ceiling Light Metal and Crystal Fitting w/2xSES lampholders

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    Pendant and Ceiling Light Polished Chrome and Crystal Fitting w/SES lampholder

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    Pendant and Ceiling Light Metal and Crystal Fitting w/SES lampholder

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    Metal and Acrylic 36w LED Ceiling Fitting

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    Metal and Acrylic 40w LED Ceiling Fitting

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    LED Ceiling Fitting – 80W LED

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    Metal and Plastic 50w LED Ceiling Fitting with Remote Control

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What are ceiling light fittings?

A ceiling light fitting or fixture, also sometimes referred to as a ‘luminaire’, is an electrical light source that features an electric lamp (or lamps) that illuminates a room or space. The light source and its mounting are attached directly to the ceiling, and it doesn’t have a wire, cord, or cable that the light hangs from - as is the case with pendant lights or chandeliers.

For this reason, ceiling fittings are generally significantly less elaborate and eye-catching than pendant lights and chandeliers, though many of our designs are very striking, stylish, and beautiful! Sitting room ceiling lights and bedroom light fittings, in particular, tend to be more ornate and decorative.

The mountings and the lights come in a great many designs, sizes, and degrees of complexity, to complement any room or setting. Please note, however, that not all ceilings are suitable for ceiling mounted lights as they all need to have holes drilled in the ceiling to attach the base of the light fitting.

How to choose the right size ceiling light fittings

When it comes to choosing a ceiling light, size is one of the most important considerations. As a general guideline, you can use the following formula to calculate the appropriate diameter for ceiling light fixtures.

First, you need to measure both the width and the length of your room, then add those two numbers together and get the total in centimetres. So, if your room is 305cm by 366cm, your ceiling light fixture should be approximately 56 centimetres wide.

This rule holds true whether you are looking at bedroom light fittings, sitting room ceiling lights, or ceiling fittings for any other room of the house.

Advantages of ceiling fittings

There are several advantages to choosing a ceiling light fitting, of which the major one is space saving. If you have a small room, or a room with a ceiling height of 244 centimetres (8 feet) or lower, the last thing you want to choose is a great big hulking chandelier or pendant light! A flush-mounted ceiling light would be a much better choice.

A ceiling light will also give you a more diffuse light as compared to a pendant light or a chandelier. As the light source is located quite high, it will also result in a more open angle of diffusion which is an important factor in getting the best ambient light from your lighting fixture.

A final benefit of a ceiling mounted light is that of affordability - ceiling lights are generally less expensive than more elaborate pendant lights and chandeliers. That said, our wide selection of ceiling lights does include some stunning luxury items to suit the most discerning decorator!

Are all ceiling light fittings the same?

We have a broad selection of ceiling lights available in a wide variety of designs, sizes and styles. However, the light boxes that are fitted in your ceiling are all of the same size, and the same three wires will always be connected or disconnected.

So there is no need for you to be worried about that aspect of having a ceiling light fitted. All you need to be concerned about is choosing a light that matches your room, pocket, style, and taste!

Buy Lights Online’s range of sitting room ceiling lights, bedroom light fittings and more

We offer you a comprehensive selection of ceiling-mounted lights ranging from the simplest utility lights, suitable for garages and work-areas, to stunningly beautiful designs for the most elegant of rooms.

So whether you are looking for a simple, functional, and cost-effective option, or a glamorous bedroom light fitting or an elegant sitting room ceiling light that will make a real statement, we have the ceiling light fitting for you.

Our ceiling fittings come in both flush-mounted and semi-flush-mounted designs, in a variety of shapes, including round, square, oblong, and rectangular. We have a wide selection of LED lights as well as more traditional ones.


Our materials include satin and polished chrome, aluminium, steel, different colours of polycarbonate, and crystal and glass. The latter comes in both clear, smoked, patterned, and tinted varieties.

Stunning ceiling light fittings to transform any room

On this page, we’ll introduce you to our wide variety of ceiling-mounted light fittings for any room and any application. Our ceiling fittings range from functional, practical, and budget-friendly lights, all the way through to glamorous designs that will enhance the most stylish reception room or luxurious bedroom!

We’ll also answer some of the most commonly asked questions we get about ceiling fittings and fixtures.

Designs and colours

We also have designs that use striking combinations of our different materials. Some of our beautiful colours and finishes include white, black, silver, French white, antique finish, black-gold and dark gold, to mention but a few.

In short, if you are considering installing ceiling light fittings, we will not only be able to advise you, but we’ll also be able to provide you with a fitting that will suit you and your budget to a T!