Chandeliers For Sale South Africa

  • Metal Chandelier in Fossil White w/ 9x SES lampholders

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  • Metal & Glass Chandelier

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  • Chandelier- Fossil White Metal With Glass Shades w/ 5x SES Lampholders

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  • Fossil White Chandelier with 5x SES LED candle lampholders

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  • Metal & glass Chandelier

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  • Polished Chrome Chandelier

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  • Black Metal Chandelier

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  • Metal Chandelier Fossil white – 3 x SES LED candle lampholders

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  • Polished Chrome Chandelier

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  • Metal & glass Chandelier

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  • ,

    Metal Ceiling Fitting with Patterned White Glass W/3X ES lampholders

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  • Chandelier- Black Metal w/5 x SES lampholders

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Welcome to the home of South Africa’s most beautiful chandeliers for sale in South Africa!

Whether you're looking for a classic chandelier to add a touch of timeless elegance to your living area, or an ultra-chic modern chandelier to elevate your space with sophisticated style, Buy Lights Online is the best place to buy a chandelier online.

Firstly though…

What is a chandelier and what function does it perform?

When it comes to eye-catching design elements, the chandelier is the granddaddy of all lighting fixtures - nothing makes a statement quite like one! And for setting the ambiance of a room, they’re designed gold.

We know you’ll be delighted by our stunning array of chandelier lights for sale to suit the most discerning of buyers.

But what is a chandelier? Simply put, it is a light fixture (like a pendant light) that hangs from the ceiling. However, as chandeliers feature multiple lamps, often in multiple structured and decorated tiers, they can make a stunningly dramatic impact that sets the whole tone of a room. It is a very effective way of creating ambient lighting to establish the mood, function and style of a room or space.

Chandeliers were traditionally used in grand entry ways, dining rooms and reception rooms. However, nowadays chandeliers are used anywhere and everywhere you fancy - a bedroom, outside patio, even in a bathroom or, to great effect, in a kitchen, passageway, or at the top of a staircase.

As said, stylistically a chandelier is similar to a pendant light. However, a chandelier tends to be bigger, with multiple shades, globes, and light sources, and often containing a large, branched frame.

We must point out, however, that the distinctions between chandeliers and pendant lights are blurring. Modern pendants are outgrowing their ‘baby shoes’, as it were, and becoming larger and more intricate.

Modern chandeliers, on the other hand, are nowadays often moving away from the traditional chandelier with multiple candelabras bedecked with crystals, glass prisms and beads and becoming more minimalist in design.

Where does the word chandelier come from?

Meaning a ‘branched cluster of lights suspended from a ceiling’, the word has really ancient and complex origins that can be traced right back to Proto-Indo-European. Its root is the modest ‘candle’, or in modern French, chandelle, which drew on the Latin candere - meaning to shine, glisten or be white.

The actual word chandelier comes from late 14th century Middle English chaundeler meaning ‘candlestick’, which in turns echoes the 12th Century Old French chandelier. This was derived from the even earlier chandelabre, meaning ‘candlestick’ and ‘candelabrum’. This can be traced back to 10th century Latin candelabrum derived from candela… taking us right back to our modest candle!

So originally it was a candlestick, which then became a cluster of candlesticks. Finally, a distinction was made between the ‘candelabrum’, which stands on a surface, and a ‘chandelier’, which is suspended.

What are the different types of chandeliers?

There are several points to consider when you decide to buy a chandelier. We offer a wide range of different types of chandeliers, in a broad selection of finishes, materials and colours. This means you’ll easily be able to find one that suits your style, taste, budget, and space perfectly.

And, as we’ve already said, chandeliers and pendant lights are starting to overlap, so you should really have a look at our wide range of pendant lights as well, which include some pretty impressive and decorative pieces!

We offer both traditional and contemporary types of chandeliers for sale, and many which incorporate elements from both design styles. Our designs vary from the angular, minimalist, and edgy, to more traditional types incorporating crystals, beads, and frosted glass.

The types of chandeliers we offer include shaded, domed, candle-style, drum-shaped, tiered, waterfall, bowl-shaped, island, globe, and cage designs. We also incorporate many hybrid designs, where we draw on and creatively combine different design elements. In this way, we can incorporate rustic, crafts, classic, and industrial elements in our designs.

Our chandeliers also come in a wide range of shapes including round, rectangular, cluster, and so-called sputnik chandeliers. We also have a wide selection of uplight and downlight chandeliers.

The materials used in our chandeliers include metal, steel, bronze, brass, chrome, crystal and glass (both alabaster, frosted, clear and patterned). We employ a wide range of colours, and our finishes include matt, satin, polished, old gold, antique bronze, rust, fossil white, and black-brown, to mention but a few.

Tips for buying a chandelier

The easiest option when you buy a chandelier is to choose one that matches your home, or the vision you have for space. However, sometimes a contrasting style can be wonderfully effective and make a fantastic style statement.

The quality of our designs means they last a very long time, so choose one that you really love, rather than trying to match someone else’s aesthetic. And of course, if you need expert advice and guidance, you can always reach out to us, or pop into one of our branches.

Where can I find chandeliers for sale near me?

Does Buy Lights Online have a chandelier store near me? Check our contact page to see our list of branches across Cape Town and the Western Cape.

And remember no matter where you are, you can always buy a chandelier online and we’ll deliver it right to your door!