Ceiling Fans For Sale

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    Rechargeable Oscillating Floor Fan 300mm Dia. blades (White)

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    White Ceiling Fan With 3 Abs Blades 60 Inches

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  • White Steel & Glass Remote Control Ceiling Fan

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  • Remote Controlled 5 Fin Ceiling Fan With Light | Satin

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    Flush mount Ceiling Fan with Remote Control 38W 490mm Dia.

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    Flush mount Ceiling Fan with Remote Control 38W LED 480mm Dia.

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    Flush mount Ceiling Fan with Remote Control 30w LED 490mm Dia.

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    Rechargeable Black Oscillating Table Fan 300mm Dia. with solar & 2xLamps

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    Ceiling Fan with 4 Silver ABS Blades, 54” ( 137cm ) -18W LED included

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    Ceiling Fan with 3 ABS Blades, 48” (122cm) -2xES lampholders

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    Ceiling fan Satin Nickel with Silver Blades and White Glass 3 Blade, 48″ (122cm) w/1xES Lampholder

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    Black Ceiling Fan With 3 Abs Blades 60 Inches

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Check out our range of ceiling fans for sale

There are many reasons to purchase a ceiling fan, and whether it’s for the home or the office, we have a fantastic range so that you can choose the best ceiling fan for your space.

What is a ceiling fan and are there different types?

As its name suggests, a ceiling fan is a fan that is mounted onto the ceiling of a room. You can get indoor and outdoor fans, and there are many different kinds to consider, depending on the area you want to install them in:

  • Standard ceiling fans. These are the general category of fans you find in homes and are the most common. There are plenty different styles and colours to choose from. They are suspended by a downrod, and usually -have some kind of light feature in the centre.
  • Outdoor ceiling fans are bliss for your stoep or patio. They provide much needed circulation in outdoor areas that get warm very quickly; as an added bonus, insects seem to dislike the air currents they create.  Outdoor ceiling fans are made of durable material that can handle humidity and moisture. You’ll need to check whether the outdoor ceiling fan you’re looking at has a Damp Rating or a Wet Rating.  Ceiling fans with a Damp Rating can be used in areas that don’t come into contact with high volumes of water (such as rain), but which will be exposed to a lot of moisture.
    Wet-rated fans are built for direct contact with rain, snow and salt water.

What are the benefits of ceiling fans?

Besides providing much needed air circulation in a room, ceiling fans are also energy efficient. If you are looking to reduce your overall costs at the home or the office, consider installing ceiling fans in tandem with or to replace traditional air conditioning. Modern ceiling fans also come in a wide range of styles and colours, so they can be an attractive focal point in the space, too. Most fans come with a lighting kit as well, so you’ve got dual functionality of airflow and lighting happening at once.

How do I choose the right ceiling fan?

  • Make sure that you know the ceiling height of the room so that you get a ceiling fan with the right downrod. You will need at least 7 feet between the fan and the floor. 
  • Take the room size into consideration. You want to choose a fan with an appropriate blade length and size so that the fan circulates enough air into the area.
  • Blade material and style. Choose a material that is fit for purpose and which suits the aesthetics of the room.
  • Make sure that the ceiling fan’s motor is energy efficient and quiet (DC motors are the best).
  • Take a look at the room in question and decide whether or not you need the fan to provide additional lighting, and if so, how much of it.
  • Controls. The purpose of the room and who is using it will determine the best ceiling fan controls. There are wall controls, remote controls, pull chains and of course, smart options.

Where can I buy ceiling fans near me?

If you are looking to buy ceiling fans near you, our experienced lighting consultants, or expert Lighting Online Shop operator, Mike Davis, will help you choose the right one for your needs. Simply contact us for advice, or ask questions to Mike via the chat box.