Wall Lights For Sale

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    Polished Chrome Wall Bracket with Sealed White Glass

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    Satin Chrome Wall Bracket with Sealed White Cylindrical Glass

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    Antique Brass Wall Bracket with Clear Glass and Adjustable Arm w/ ES lampholder

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    Wall light with USB

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  • Wall Light With Black Mirror & Picture Light & 9w Led Bulb | BS-WBO4K

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  • Satin Chrome Wall Bracket

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    Satin Chrome Wall Bracket with Two Sealed Cylindrical Shape White Glasses

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    Outdoor Led Wall Light – Metal & Acrylic Black

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  • USB Satin Chrome wall light

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    Metal Wall Bracket:  Black and Gold w/ES lampholder

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    Metal and Plastic Clock Wall Bracket 12w LED 260mm Dia. clock

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    Metal Wall Bracket – 2 x SES lampholder

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We have a fantastic range of wall lights for sale

Wall lights are an excellent choice of lighting in any space because they are really versatile – they can be used indoors or outdoors, and in any room. Although some serve more practical functions (like security or guidance) they can be decorative too. They can be positioned exactly where the light is needed, and they don’t take up any necessary space on tables or floors.  They come in a variety of different styles that suit any area and are relatively easy to install.

What is a wall light and what different types are there?

A wall light is a light that is fixed or mounted onto a wall, and usually has adjustable components so that you can control the intensity of the light. There are a few different types:

  • Bathroom and vanity lights provide soft, glare-free lighting that is ideal for make-up application and that relaxing spa feel.
  • Bedroom wall lights come in many different shapes and sizes. Choose a style which adds an attractive aesthetic to your space, but which is also unobtrusive. Ensure it has adjustable options so that you can change how much light you want at any time.
  • Picture lights or spots are used to highlight artwork, sculptures or photos. Photos, prints or mounted artwork usually benefit from picture lights, because these softly highlight them. Sculptures, vases, exotic plants or other decorative items should be lit with spots – these add a little more drama and draw the eye, as well as making sure no-one trips over them.
  • Reading lights come with a few adjustable components, and usually have adjustable arms so that you can swing them towards you or even angle the head towards what you’re reading or working on.
  • Uplights send light upwards. They add contrast and are ideal for showing off structures that that rise up from the ground, like trees, pillars or terraced walls. They are also excellent for long passageways and garden areas.
  • Downlights are generally used to provide helpful lighting on the ground, either to show off carpeting or garden beds, but usually so that people can see where they’re going. Just don’t use too many in a small space or you could create the feeling of being on an airstrip!

If you are looking to buy wall lights, it’s good to know what kind of light you need, how much space you have and what you’re trying to achieve with the light. If you need any help, our experienced lighting consultants would be happy to offer assistance. Simply contact us for advice.

What is the purpose of a wall light?

Because wall lights generally provide softer light than regular lighting fixtures, they are often used to provide supplemental or ambient lighting, which creates a cosy, warm and pleasant effect in a room. They are fabulous for creating a relaxed or even romantic atmosphere, depending on the type of bulbs used, the frequency of the lights (as in, how many are used in one area) and where there are fixed.

They can also be used to highlight or accent a decorative piece, like a beautiful tapestry or sculpture, a drinks cart or a shelf of books. Many have more practical purposes, such as to provide adjustable lighting in a reading or office space, to create gentle, adjustable lighting in a baby’s room, or illuminate an otherwise dark area – like a garden or patio.

What’s the difference between a wall light and a pendant light?

A wall light is mounted on a wall, either indoors or outdoors and provides soft, supplementary lighting. A pendant light is usually fixed to a ceiling and hangs down into an area to provide layered or diffused lighting. Pendant lights are excellent options for kitchens and dining rooms because they provide a decent amount of functional light while still creating interesting ambience. They can be wonderfully decorative and add a touch of sophistication to a room. View our extensive range of pendant lights here.

Where can I buy wall lights near me?

Is there a Plumstead Electrical branch that sells wall lights near you? Check our contact page for branches or get in touch with us for assistance. Remember, you can always buy wall lights online if that’s easier for you.

Our beautiful range of wall lights for sale:

We have a great range of wall lighting options to suit any style, purpose and budget. Please contact us and one of our expert lighting consultants will be able to assist you in making the right choice for your space.