Desk and Table Lamps

  • Gooseneck Arm Desk Lamp in SATIN

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  • BLACK or White Table Lamp

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  • LED, ABS and Metal Desk Lamp with Flexi Arm and USB Por

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  • Metal Desk Lamp with Flexi Arm

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    Smoke Colour Glass Table Lamp with Beige Shade- ES Lampholder

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  • Green Bankers Lamp with Pull Switch

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  • Satin Chrome Desk Lamp with Switch

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  • LED PVC Desk Lamp with Rotating Head

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  • Metal Desk Lamp with Hessian Shade

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  • Satin Chrome Table Lamp with Oval Pearl White Shade

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  • Metal and Plastic Desk Lamp with 3 x Magnifier and Clamp

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    White Bankers Lamp with pull switch

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Desk and table lamps are essential elements of any space. In addition to providing adequate light for reading, writing and screen time, they also add aesthetic appeal. In addition, a high-quality desk lamp ensures an optimal working environment that protects your eyes. Therefore, a not too bright and dim table lamp is always suitable.

At Plumstead Electrical, we bring you functional desk and table lamps, offering a large online catalogue. The range features a variety of designs which suit all interior styles. So, we have all the options for you, whether it's your living room, bedroom, study room, office space, or any commercial space.

If you have a large living room and have a cosy area for reading books at night, we have focused lamps for uninterrupted reading. We have your back even if you need high-intensity light for your study room. Different sizes and powers can provide excellent lighting solutions depending on the space.

How table lamps can light up a room

The lamps are integral to any room's illumination, providing light for various tasks and a warm glow at night. With such great importance, they have a unique significance for each room.

Table lamps for living room provide illumination and look stylish. The range featuring metallic finishes, coloured lights, etc., enhances the living room and makes it more presentable. Also, the perfect lighting is suitable for reading, writing, and chatting with loved ones at night.

The bedside table lamps are also necessary because they are perfect for walking and doing important tasks without disturbing others. In addition, the bedroom table lamps look gorgeous, are accessible and are a very important component of modern bedrooms.

Overall, a home desk lamp is quite useful and functional in its own way. It has different powers, focused light, and provides the perfect ambience.

Why we have the best table lamps

Plumstead Electrical offers a full range of high-quality desk and light lamps with various designs. Our goal is to deliver functionality with decor by providing the appropriate lights for all spaces.

We have a decorative desk lamp that works well with the living room, bedroom, dining rooms and studies. The finishing, choice of colours, and metallic hues look great. Also, if you require simple and effective study light, we have basic designs that look very professional. These modern table lamps are sleek and complement the energy of the space.

Easily study, read, and watch the screen with our LED desk lamp, which provides light, durability, and long life. In addition, our light ensures zero pressure on the eyes for comfortable study sessions.

These classic style table lamps with lampshades will give your home and office a vintage look. Aside from providing ample light, it elevates any area with its appearance. Also, our versatile range features rechargeable desk lamp that are truly modern desk lamp with no long cords.

Getting the best table lamps in South Africa.

Plumstead Electrical offers the finest table and desk lamps with long life, durability, and reasonable prices. You can find every type of lamp according to your particular need.

In addition, we have table lamps for sale that provide high-quality lighting and reasonable prices. The desk lamps for sale at Plumstead Electrical have gorgeous looks and style, making them one-stop for all your lighting needs.