Outdoor Lights For Sale

We have an excellent selection of outdoor lights for sale

Outdoor lighting is essential for your home. We have a fantastic range of outdoor lights, whether they’re decorative, for safety purposes or simply to light up steps or pathways.

What is an outside light and are the different types?

An outside light is any light that you can use outdoors, and it is usually fixed to the wall of the roof of an area. There are a few different types of outdoor lights, and you should choose the one that best suits your purposes:

  • Spotlights generally only point in one direction and are used to illuminate trees, statues or decorative outdoor wall hangings.
  • Flood lights provide a significant amount of lighting to a larger area and are mostly used in areas that are very dark (such as outdoor passages or patios) as well as other areas, like driveways, for safety reasons
  • Up or downlights can be a great option if you’re looking for softer lighting outdoors, whether it’s to add a wash of light up a wall or bush, or light something on the ground.
  • Step lights are used to illuminate steps for safety reasons, but they’re not just functional, they can be decorative too!
  • Bollard lights can shine in every direction at the same time and are used for lighting up grassy areas or pathways.
  • String lights are similar to fairy lights and really beautify a space by adding ambience, warmth and a more festive feel.
  • Garden lights are planted into the ground and are fabulous for highlighting beautiful plants or showing the way down a path.

If you are looking to buy landscape lighting near you, our experienced lighting consultants will help you choose the right one for your needs. Simply contact us for advice.

What is the purpose of an outside light?

Outdoor lighting is vital for your home because it serves a few purposes. Not only does it light up dark areas so that they are easier to navigate and make the area somewhat safer from intruders, but it can also add a warm and inviting atmosphere to the front of your home and your garden or pool area.

What’s the difference between an outdoor light and a spotlight?

There are two types of spotlights. Outdoor spotlights are used to light up trees, trellises or statues, while an indoor spotlight is used to highlight ornate items or provide functional lighting within the home. They are really versatile in that they can be used to draw attention to decorative pieces or provide lighting to task areas, such as kitchens, offices, studies or homework rooms, or other-multipurpose rooms. Most indoor and outdoor spotlights are adjustable so that you can focus them where they are needed. We also stock LED spotlights that have an adjustable switch that allows you to change the intensity of the light.

Where can I buy outdoor lighting near me?

Check our contact page for branches or get in touch with us for assistance. Remember, you can always buy outdoor lights online if that’s easier for you.

Our wide range of outside lights for sale:

We have a great range of outside lighting options to suit your needs. Please contact us and one of our expert consultants will be able to assist you in making the right choice for your space.