Meet Buy Lights Online’s exquisite range of pendant lights for sale!

There are few fixtures that can have such a dramatic impact on the look of a room as pendant lights. Besides the instant elegance and impact they create, pendant lights are also an excellent option for task lighting – such as when they are suspended over a dining table or reading nook.

If you want to buy hanging lights, then we have a stunning selection of pendant lights for sale at Buy Lights Onlinel - to suit any budget, décor, style, and taste. We’ll help you light up any room with style, function, beauty, and flair!

We have, in fact, been lighting up people’s homes for more than 50 years. So if you’ve decided to buy pendant lights, why not let our friendly, dedicated and experienced staff help you choose the perfect one for your space?

You can now also buy our pendant lights online and have them delivered straight to your door.

What is a pendant light?

Simply put, pendant lights are any light fixtures that are mounted on the ceiling and then hang down from it. As you will see from our wide selection of pendant lights for sale below, they can be suspended in various ways - by cords, rods, a single chain or several chains. The latter is particularly important to consider if your pendant light is heavy.

Pendant lights can consist of a single bulb lamp, or they can consist of more than one bulb. Pendant lights offer you an excellent way to focus light on a specific place like over a reading nook, a bedside table, a dining room table, a piece of sculpture or a selection of stunning indoor plants. Another part of the appeal of our hanging lights is that the height is fully adjustable to suit every client's requirement and preference.

What is the purpose of a pendant light?

Our hanging lights for sale aren’t just stylish and versatile, but they are also very practical. They will add both elegance and function to any setting in which you wish to use them.

If you wish to create a soft layered lighting effect to create ambience and mood, pendant lights are an excellent choice. Alternatively, if you want to focus stronger light on a workstation, food prep area or a reading or writing nook, our pendant lights will serve that purpose perfectly as well.

Our pendant light fixtures can accommodate a wide range of bulbs to suit your preference, such as low-energy, fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, and LEDs. Our experienced staff can advise you about placement, height, and the best number of hanging lights to buy.

So, whether you wish to achieve a decorative effect or deliver practical task lighting, we will have a hanging light for sale that will do the job!

What’s the difference between a pendant light and a chandelier?

A chandelier is generally a more elaborate, eye-catching or ‘grander’ construction than a pendant light. It makes an immediate and strong statement and adds elegance and even magnificence to a room.

As a rule of thumb, chandeliers are more expensive than pendant lights. A chandelier normally includes multiple bulbs incorporated along with an arrangement of prisms of crystal or other materials, whereas a pendant light is more often than not a single light, or just a few bulbs.

Buy Lights Online offers a wide selection of chandeliers ranging from cutting-edge modern designs to more traditional styles.

Where can I buy pendant lights near me?

Is there a Buy Lights Online branch that sells pendant lights near me? Even if there isn’t, don't worry - our online shop and courier delivery services are available to you! So check out our contact page for our branches, and to get in touch with us for assistance. And remember, you can always buy pendant lights online right here!

What types of pendant lights for sale do you offer?

Chances are, you name it, we’ve got it! We have single bulb and multi light pendants, in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. Some of our designs include globe, rounded or angular LED, dome, shade, linear and cord designs, to mention but a few.

Our pendants and hanging lights also come in a wide array of colours including black, antique black, gold, rose gold, chrome, red, brown, and antique bronze, white, fossil white, rust, cognac, blue, orange, red and green, in various tones and intensities of colour. This way you're virtually guaranteed to find hanging lights which will complement your unique space and style!

The materials our pendants are made of are just as varied. To mention but a few, we have pendants in clear, tinted, or smoked glass, crystal, steel, nickel, aluminium, chrome, rattan, and natural twine. Our finishes include matt, polished and satin finishes. Many of our designs include an interesting combination of materials, colours, and finishes.

If you’re looking to buy hanging lights, admire our complete range below. Need assistance or advice? Feel free to get in touch with one of our expert lighting consultants.