Spotlights For Sale

  • White Metal Spotlight with Wood Finish and Polished Chrome – 4 x SES holders

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  • Polished Chrome and Matt Black Spotlight – 2 x GU10 lampholders

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  • White Metal Spotlight with Wood Finish and Polished Chrome – 2 x SES holders

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  • Polished Chrome and Matt Black Spotlight – 4 x GU10 lampholders

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  • Polished Chrome and Matt Black Spotlight – 1 x GU10 lampholder

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    Aluminium Tracklight– 3 x GU10 Lampholders: L=1000mm

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    Aluminium Tracklight– 3 x GU10 lampholders: L=1000mm

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    Black Spotlight with Antique Trim– 4xGU10 lampholders

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    Black Spotlight with Antique Trim– 3xGU10 lampholders

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    Black Spotlight with Antique Trim – 2xGU10 lampholders

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  • White Metal Spotlight with Wood Finish and Polished Chrome – 1 x SES holder

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  • Satin Chrome Spotlight – 3 x GU10 holders

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Explore Buy Lights Online’s stunning range of spotlights for sale

Let us introduce you to our wide range of versatile and attractive indoor spot lights! We’ll highlight some of the many functions they have, and show you how they can enhance your home and workspaces.

What are spotlights used for?

Spotlights have many and varied uses, and come in a broad range of styles and designs. But what is a spotlight? In a nutshell, a spotlight is a single adjustable light source that produces a strong cone of light, and its purpose is to light a particular item, object, area, or workspace.

Traditionally, spotlights are used to highlight a particular artwork or item on display in museums, shops, and showrooms. However, they can also be used to great effect and purpose in our homes. Spotlights can be used all over your house, wherever you want a focused and adjustable light source.

They can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, studios, workrooms, studies, garden rooms, etc. They can be used to highlight a decorative or interesting feature in your house like a painting, wall hanging, architectural feature, a piece of sculpture, or even a beautiful indoor plant. They are excellent for providing task lighting in work, reading, or food preparation areas.

In fact, their versatility ensures that you can adapt them to virtually any room or situation. They are a particularly good option for multipurpose rooms, or spaces where the function may change over time. For example, think of a nursery that will eventually become a child’s bedroom where they need to do homework, or a home office that also doubles as a craft room.

We have a broad selection of attractive and functional traditional and LED spotlights for sale.

What are the advantages of indoor spot lights?

As a spotlight projects a narrow, intense beam of light directly onto a specific place, and they can be adjusted to any angle that suits you, they are often the perfect lighting solution for a room. Here are just some of the many benefits of spotlights:

  • They are incredibly versatile. If they’re on tracks, you can move them about to suit your purpose. You can angle them in virtually any direction you want. This makes them particularly suitable to kitchens, workrooms, craft rooms and studios where strong focused light is crucial.
  • They eliminate glare by being narrowly focused on just the area needed, so no reflected light shines upward into your eyes.
  • Cleverly placed spotlights can make a small space or room seem bigger by washing the walls with light. Running spotlight tracks across the shorter sides of a room, you can make the room look wider and more spacious.
  • They allow you to focus on and highlight the best elements of the room and downplay the not so attractive points.
  • They provide you with a strong light source with an ‘iris’ or lens so you can adjust the angle of the beam.
  • Some LED spot lights for sale are also equipped with a manual device to adjust the intensity of the light.

What’s the difference between spotlights and downlights?

Downlights are installed directly into or onto the ceiling, and can be mounted flush with the ceiling or recessed into it. They concentrate the light in a constant downward direction. Downlights usually consist of an LED light bulb that sits in a metal cylinder or housing, that is held in place with compression or spring clips. They provide a gentler, more diffuse light than spotlights.

A spotlight, on the other hand, can be mounted on a ceiling or wall on a base or track, and can provide multiple adjustable light beams. They allow you to focus and direct the light specifically onto a place, object, area, or workspace of your choice.

Types of indoor spotlights

Many of our stylish spotlights now use LED (‘light-emitting diode’) bulbs, with a wide variety and range of styles on offer. These include GLS, candles, golf balls, spotlights, tubes, and reflectors and offer varying intensities of light. We also offer spotlight designs that use traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs as well.

The advantages of LED spotlights are that their efficiency, versatility, and lifespan are significantly better than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and tubes. They also use less electricity, so are more economical and eco-friendlier.

Indoor spotlights to suit every budget and style

We have an extensive range of indoor spotlights to complement and enhance the lighting of any room. Our designs come in a range of styles and finishes to suit the most discerning taste and decor preference!

Our colours include black, matt black, white, matt white, and grey metal. Our finishes include wood, copper, and satin and polished chrome. Some of our stylish designs use smoke-coloured or frosted glass, and our mountings include square, round and tubular shapes that can be either straight or elegantly curved. Many of our designs combine different materials and finishes to stunning effect.

From single to multiple spotlights, on tracks or mounted on a base, we have the perfect LED spotlights for sale to enhance your home!