Bulb LED Rechargeable Emergency Light


BULB LED 936 (Rechargeable Light)

LED Rechargeable Light with Handle
12V DC Input Charging Jack
5V USB Output for Mobile Charging
2 Pin Plug with Connection Cord
– 1 x 1W LED
– 24 x 0.5W LED
Material:  ABS
Colour Temp:  6000K
Lumen: 400/800
1+24 Pieces LED Bulbs
2 Level Brightness
Battery:  4000mAh Lead Acid Battery
Charging Time:  16 Hours
Discharging Time:
Strong Light: 15 Hours
Soft Light:  30 Hours
Focus Lamp: 80 Hours
Width:  75mm
Length: 180mm

The LED Rechargeable Emergency Light is a versatile, energy-efficient lighting solution designed for power outages, outdoor adventures, and emergency situations. It features a 6W LED bulb that provides two levels of brightness, ensuring optimal lighting for any situation. With up to 80 hours of illumination on a single charge and a built-in feature for mobile charging, this light is a must-have for any household. Its durable design and easy portability make it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

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