Rechargeable Black Oscillating Table Fan 300mm Dia. with solar & 2xLamps



12” Rechargeable Oscillating Table Fan
Material:  Plastic
3 Speed Setting, Low Noise, Adjustable Vertical Tilt, LED Light, 5V USB Port, On/Off Switch
Light Source:  4 Pieces 0.2W LED
Fan Power:  5W
Battery:  6V 4.5Ah Lead Acid Rechargeable
Voltage:  AC220V/DC6V
Frequency:  50/60Hz
Charging Time:  5-12 Hours
Discharging Time:  5-10 Hours
1 x 3V 9W Solar Panel (230mm x 140mm) and 2800mm Cord
2 x Rechargeable Bulbs with 2700mm Cord, On/Off Switches and Hooks
1 x 2 Pin Plug with 1000mm Cord
Width:  345mm
Height:  415mm
Base:  200mm
When the LED gets dim, please recharge the product
Charge at least once in every 3 months for 8 Hours even when the appliance is not in use.
Keep the Fan Switch in OFF position when not in use

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