Illuminating Your Space: A Guide to Picking A Floor-Standing Lamp and Reading Lamp

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Illuminating Your Space: A Guide to Picking A Floor-Standing Lamp and Reading Lamp

For a home that wants to glow with character, a standing lamp is a great way to illuminate both function and style. 

Tabletop lamps placed strategically throughout the home cast a warm radiance on favourite reading nooks and decorative accents. Their compact size allows them to fit neatly atop side tables, desks, and nightstands, providing a circle of light just where it’s needed most. Turn one on to chase away shadows while enjoying a good book or to add a welcoming glow to the entryway when guests arrive.

Floor lamps stand tall to bathe a room in a warm radiance, ideal for entertaining or just relaxing after dark. Their height brings flexible lighting to wherever it’s needed while freeing up table space.

With the simple flick of a switch, a desk and floor standing lamp bring functional brilliance and visual flair to the home. Read our blog to get recommendations on choosing table and floor lamps tailored to your space and style.

Five Tips For Picking A Standing Lamp

Purpose And Functionality

When choosing a new floor lamp, think carefully about what you’ll use it for. Do you need a lamp for reading books before bed? Or maybe you want one to create a cosy mood in the living room. Floor lamps are also great for providing task lighting if you do projects like puzzles or crafts. And of course, they can draw attention to a special spot like next to your favourite chair. The right style and features will depend on your lighting needs. So before buying a floor lamp, decide how you’ll use it most. That way, you’ll pick one that shines in just the right way.

Brightness and Colour Temperature

Think about how bright you need the standing lamp to be and what kind of light works best for you. The right brightness is key to having enough light to see what you’re doing. But you also want a nice, cosy glow that’s easy on the eyes. Look for LED lamps where you can adjust both the brightness level and the colour temperature. Warm, yellowish light around 2700k-4000K is usually most inviting without causing any eye strain. It’s just right for reading or working at your desk. With options to control brightness and colour, you can get the perfect light for any mood or activity.

Height And Size

A really tall lamp that nearly touches the ceiling might look impractical in a tiny room. It’ll stick out like a sore thumb and make your space feel even smaller. On the flip side, a short little lamp with a weak bulb probably won’t light up a huge room very well. 

The glow will get swallowed up by all that space and leave corners dingy and dim. To make sure your lamp fits the room, take measurements. That way, you can get one that’s scaled right for the size and doesn’t look out of place. With the right proportions, your lamp will shed flattering light without hogging up too much attention.

Style and Design

When picking out a new floor lamp, you’ll want to think about more than just having a light source in the room. The right standing lamp can be like a piece of art that brings together the rest of your decor. 

Make sure the lamp looks right at home in the room. The shape, colour, material, and overall design should blend nicely with the existing decor. It shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. At the same time, the lamp should have its own unique flair. It should add a touch of something special without clashing. The lamp should complement what’s already there while also bringing its own sense of style.

Adjustability and Directionality

Finding a lamp that lets you point the light where you need it is handy. Lamps that can twist and turn are ideal for when you want to read in your favourite chair or brighten up a dark corner. Look for lamps with adjustable necks or arms that swivel and pivot freely. These movable lamps give you control over the direction the light is shining. You can angle the beam up or down, left or right. Rather than settling for a lamp that only lights up the area directly around it, pick one you can manoeuvre to suit your needs

Rechargeable Option For Convenience

When picking out a reading lamp, think about going cordless. Portable rechargeable lamps let you put lighting wherever you want, without having to be next to an outlet. Look for ones with long battery life between charges, and fast recharging, so you’re never left in the dark during a good book. Also handy are USB ports built into the lamp to charge your phone or e-reader at the same time. With the freedom to read anywhere, and no wires to trip over, rechargeable lamps make reading more convenient.

Final Word: 

Choose from a variety of stylish designs to complement your decor; then sit back, relax and enjoy the glow. Their versatile nature means they transition easily from living room accent piece by day to reading companion by night.

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